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    Polish Health Minister Urges Citizens to Prioritize Well-Being

    As the season of spring begins, Poland’s health minister is urging citizens to prioritize their health by eating nutritiously and engaging in regular exercise.

    On Friday, April 7th, during World Health Day, Adam Niedzielski held a press conference to give recommendations.

    Polish Health Minister has urged citizens to rethink their lifestyles, citing research claiming that up to 60% of people’s health depends on diet and exercise. “Rational nutrition and physical activity are key,” he said.

    “Even a half-hour of activity per day is enough to have a beneficial effect on health,” he pointed out, also noting “the importance of having regular medical check-ups.”

    Polish Health Minister Adam Niedzielski has encouraged citizens to reconsider their health in light of the post-Covid-19 era, citing his own example of returning to running after a lengthy break. Niedzielski revealed that he had taken a six-month hiatus from running but was now back to it in order to stay healthy.

    The minister wished everyone a peaceful Easter and encouraged people to use the holiday season to reflect on their health and to take up physical activities. He said that this was an excellent opportunity to invest in one’s well-being.

    “Let’s think about how we eat. It’s worthwhile to read labels, check the ingredients in our food,” he said.

    “Let’s start taking better care of ourselves with the coming of spring!” Niedzielski concluded. 


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