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    Polish Judge Seeks Asylum in Belarus: Security Agencies Investigate

    A storm of controversy has erupted following revelations that Tomasz Szmydt, a judge from the II Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw (WSA), has reportedly sought “protection and asylum” from Belarusian authorities. The unfolding situation has prompted swift action from security agencies, with the Internal Security Agency now launching an investigation into the matter. Their focus lies on determining the extent of classified information accessed by Szmydt during his tenure. Notably, statements addressing the issue have emanated from both the Supreme Administrative Court and the Regional Administrative Court.

    In a report released by the state-owned Belarusian news agency, BiełTA, it was disclosed that Tomasz Szmydt had formally requested protection and asylum from Belarusian authorities. This revelation has sent shockwaves through Poland’s legal and political spheres. As the gravity of the situation became apparent, Jacek Dobrzyński, the spokesperson for the minister coordinating special services, confirmed that the Internal Security Agency has initiated investigative measures.

    The unfolding drama has drawn commentary from various quarters, with spokespersons from the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA) and the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw (WSA) weighing in on the matter. While Judge Sylwester Marciniak of the NSA highlighted the procedural intricacies governing the resignation of a judge, Judge Małgorzata Jarecka of the WSA underscored the lack of official communication from Szmydt regarding his purported resignation from office.

    The ramifications of Szmydt’s actions are reverberating not only within the legal fraternity but also in political circles. Radosław Sikorski’s reaction captured the sentiment of many, expressing shock and hinting at potential political motives behind the judge’s asylum request. Meanwhile, Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into Szmydt’s past actions and affiliations, raising questions about the motivations behind seeking asylum in Belarus.

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