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    Polish-Lithuanian Joint Military Exercises Begin

    Poland and Lithuania have commenced joint military exercises dubbed “Brave Griffin 24/II.” These maneuvers, involving 1,500 soldiers, aim to assess defense capabilities along the border shared by the two nations, particularly focusing on areas near Druskininkai, Alytus, Lazdijai, and Varėna, situated adjacent to either the Polish or Belarusian borders.

    Strategic Planning and Secrecy

    The exercises will employ defensive scenarios, including those related to the Suwałki Gap, based on a classified Polish-Lithuanian plan codenamed “Orsha.” Crafted collaboratively by military leaders from both countries, its specifics remain confidential. The drills are scheduled to conclude by April 26. Simultaneously, Lithuania hosts “Grand Quadriga 2024,” with German forces participating.

    The Polish-Lithuanian exercises are part of the broader NATO maneuvers known as “Steadfast Defender 24,” taking place across various European nations. With 90,000 soldiers from over 30 countries involved, these exercises aim to validate defense plans endorsed during NATO’s summit in Vilnius last year. They also signal NATO members’ unwavering commitment to mutual defense.

    Ensuring Collective Security

    As geopolitical tensions persist, these exercises underscore NATO’s resolve to safeguard member states’ territorial integrity. By demonstrating unity and preparedness, NATO reinforces its deterrence posture and sends a clear message of solidarity in the face of evolving security challenges.

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