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    Polish Men’s Double Scull Claims Bronze at European Championships

    At the European Rowing Championships in Szeged, Hungary, the Polish men’s double scull comprising Dominik Czaja, Mateusz Biskup, Mirosław Ziętarski, and Fabian Barański clinched a commendable bronze medal. This achievement solidifies their position as Poland’s premier rowing crew and secures their ticket to the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

    Challenges and Triumphs

    Despite facing no health setbacks this time around, the quartet faced tough competition in the final, ultimately yielding to the prowess of the Italian and Swiss teams. Last year, they navigated through adversity when Barański’s back injury necessitated a reshuffle in the boat, yet they still managed to secure gold at the European Championships and bronze at the World Championships in Belgrade.

    For Aleksander Wojciechowski’s protégés, the European Championships serve as a vital stepping stone towards their ultimate goal: Olympic success in Paris. With their qualification secured, they now shift their focus to supporting their compatriots vying for Olympic spots in Sunday’s European Olympic Qualification regatta, where only two out of three Polish crews can advance.

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