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    Polish Military Focuses on Human Element in Defense Modernization

    In an exclusive interview with Niezależ, General Wiesław Kukuła, the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, emphasized the crucial role of human resources in national defense, amidst the largest military modernization efforts in the country’s history. “Our most lethal weapon is not our equipment, but our people,” General Kukuła stated, underscoring the importance of preparing soldiers for victory and continued service, rather than heroic sacrifice.

    The initiative, dubbed “Operation Szpej,” aims to enhance soldier survivability and individual combat skills through new equipment provisions, expanded procurement, and diversified inventory. Moreover, it involves revamping training programs to better equip soldiers with the skills to utilize their gear effectively.

    General Kukuła also shed light on the “Total Force Concept,” referred to in Poland as the Universal Service Model. This strategy intends to break down barriers preventing the effective use of different forms of military service. The implementation of this model will standardize the development of competencies, professional growth, career planning, and personal equipment allocation for all service members, regardless of their service type.

    Another significant development discussed was the proposal for a new Transformation Command, designed to streamline the creation and deployment of new military capabilities while ensuring rapid response readiness remains uncompromised. This command will be established based on existing military institutions, optimizing already held resources and competencies, including those at the Doctrine and Training Center in Bydgoszcz.

    Highlighting the importance of new equipment, General Kukuła explained that such gear directly influences soldier morale and demonstrates care from superiors. “The new equipment will have two crucial impacts: psychological, boosting soldiers’ self-esteem and morale; and operational, enhancing their protection and battlefield capabilities,” he noted.

    In addressing readiness, the General Staff plans to reorganize units based on their readiness levels, ensuring that some are prepared for immediate action. This restructuring will not only reinforce the armed forces’ combat readiness today but also their ability to adapt and sustain high operational tempos for future victories.

    General Kukuła’s vision reflects a comprehensive approach to military readiness where the strength of the force hinges not just on advanced weaponry, but fundamentally on the well-prepared soldier, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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