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    Polish MP Labels Finnish-Russian Border Developments as Part of a ‘Huge Operation

    In a recent interview with the Polish Press Agency, Marcin Przydacz, a senior member of the Law and Justice (PiS) party, drew parallels between the events unfolding at the Finnish-Russian border and those earlier witnessed at the Polish-Belarusian border.

    Przydacz emphasized that these incidents are part of a larger operation aimed at the West, characterizing it as another element of Russia’s hybrid war. The Finnish government’s decision to close all border crossings with Russia reflects their attempt to curb a surge in asylum seekers believed to be orchestrated by Moscow. Przydacz suggested that Finland, previously a neutral country, might be targeted by Russia to weaken and ridicule NATO structures.

    Noting Poland’s success in maintaining stability on its eastern border, Przydacz acknowledged ongoing attempts at destabilization from the Belarusian side. Polish border guards have been dispatched to Finland as part of an advisory mission to assist in addressing the hybrid attack on the Finnish border.

    Anna Michalska, the Border Guard spokesperson, outlined that Polish experts would provide guidance on technical and legal aspects of border protection. This strategic move comes after Poland faced a similar situation in 2021, deploying personnel to the Belarusian border amid repeated attempts by migrants to enter Poland and move further into the EU. Poland has consistently asserted that Belarus and Russia orchestrated the crisis with the intention of destabilizing the European Union.


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