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    Polish MP Warns of Fentanyl Crisis: Cities Could Mirror San Francisco Slums

    Janusz Cieszyński, a member of Poland’s Law and Justice party, has issued a stark warning on social media, claiming that Polish cities could start to resemble the slums of San Francisco if the growing threat of fentanyl is not addressed. This warning follows a sting operation conducted by Cieszyński, in which he swiftly obtained a prescription for a lethal dose of morphine, demonstrating the ease of acquiring dangerous drugs online.

    Cieszyński’s alarm was triggered by viral videos showing individuals apparently under the influence of fentanyl. He stated, “The opioid addiction epidemic has plagued the United States for years, and it’s clear that it is now reaching Europe. If we do nothing, the streets of Polish cities could start looking like the slums of San Francisco.”

    To highlight the problem, Cieszyński tested two methods discussed in a Facebook group: using a ‘receptomat’ service and purchasing an existing prescription. In the first attempt, he used Radamed’s receptomat service, paid 59 PLN for a consultation, and was directed to a text-only chat. When he couldn’t provide medical documentation, the consultation was closed, and he received a refusal email. This, he noted, indicated some success in measures implemented by Minister Adam Niedzielski.

    However, the second attempt was more concerning. Cieszyński contacted a seller offering prescriptions and quickly agreed to terms – 800 PLN for one prescription for a lethal dose of morphine, or 1500 PLN for two. After verifying the prescription photo, he sent the money and received the prescription code and the patient’s PESEL number necessary for filling it. A pharmacist friend confirmed that such a prescription could be fatal. Cieszyński urged immediate action, calling for sewage testing for fentanyl traces to guide police efforts and prevent a similar crisis in Poland.

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