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    Polish National Suspected of Murder in Denmark Triggers Cross-Border Manhunt

    The Danish police have launched a vigorous pursuit for Michał Tomasz Kąpicki, a 30-year-old Polish citizen suspected in a homicide case involving another Pole. The incident occurred earlier this year at a Brøndby hotel, deeply affecting Danish and Polish communities. Authorities discovered the victim’s body on January 5th, prompting an extensive forensic investigation.

    Focus has zeroed in on Kąpicki as the prime suspect, with suspicions arising that he fled Denmark post-incident. An international arrest warrant has been issued to facilitate his extradition for trial in Denmark. Polish authorities suggest Kąpicki may be in Sweden, Germany, or Poland, urging the public to aid in his capture.

    Law enforcement appeals for information on Kąpicki’s whereabouts, providing contact details for assistance. Both Danish and Polish police have shared his photo and video online, intensifying efforts in this cross-border collaboration for justice and public safety.

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