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    Polish National Team Advances to Semi-Finals, Set to Face Estonia

    In a stunning display of determination and skill, the Polish national basketball team secured their spot in the semi-finals of the pre-qualification tournament for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. Hosted in Gliwice, Poland, the team delivered a resounding victory over Portugal, ending the match with a score of 78 to 65 (17:10, 18:14, 18:17, 25:24). The triumph propels Poland into the semi-finals, where they will face Estonia.

    The White and Red team entered Wednesday’s crucial encounter with the confidence of a leader, having already vanquished the Hungarians and achieved an unexpected win over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The players, under the guidance of coach Igor Milicic, held their fate in their hands and rose to the occasion once again.

    Poland Overcomes Initial Hurdles, Secures Commanding Lead and Victory Against Portugal

    Initially, the Poles encountered some challenges in finding their rhythm and establishing their gameplay. Portugal capitalized on offensive opportunities and managed to secure points, although their efforts fell short against the relentless Polish defence. Furthermore, the Portuguese team found themselves in early foul trouble, hampering their ability to retaliate effectively.

    The first quarter ended with Poland enjoying a seven-point lead. The second quarter brought continued challenges for both teams, but Poland’s White and Red squad slightly extended their lead with effective free throws and resolute defensive strategies led by Milicic. As the match progressed into the second half, spectators were treated to an intense showdown on the court. Despite Portugal’s efforts to narrow the gap and reduce their deficit, the Polish team retained control of the game’s pace, securing their advantage. In the third quarter, Poland added another point to their lead, setting the stage for an impressive fourth-quarter surge that ultimately sealed their victory.

    Poland’s Triumph Over Portugal Secures Qualifying Group Victory and Sets Stage for Intense Semi-Final Against Estonia

    The triumph over Portugal cements Poland’s position as the winners of their qualifying group, boasting an impeccable record of wins. Looking ahead, the team faces Estonia—a formidable opponent and the second-ranked team from the pre-qualification tournament in Tallinn—in the next phase of their quest for Olympic qualification.

    The semi-final match against Estonia promises an intense showdown, scheduled to take place in Gliwice on Friday, August 18 at 5:30 pm. 

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