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    Polish Nationals Held Hostage by Hamas in Gaza, Confirms Foreign Minister

    In a press conference held in Paris on Thursday, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau confirmed that Polish citizens are among the hostages taken by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. This revelation follows the abduction of approximately 241 individuals by Hamas during a raid on southern Israel on October 7, which tragically resulted in the loss of around 1,400 lives.

    Minister Rau, speaking after a conference on humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, expressed the gravity of the situation. “Poles are among the hostages of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas held in the Gaza Strip,” he stated. However, he refrained from providing specific details, such as the exact number of hostages, citing concerns for their well-being. Additionally, the minister highlighted ongoing diplomatic efforts by Poland to secure the release of the hostages.

    Despite Israeli Ambassador to Poland Yaakov Livne suggesting negotiations with Hamas for the evacuation of Polish nationals from Gaza, Minister Rau did not explicitly address these statements. The emphasis remains on the diplomatic channels being pursued by Poland to ensure the safe return of its citizens.

    The Polish government is actively engaged in negotiations to evacuate 20 of its citizens from the Gaza Strip, despite the challenging conditions surrounding these efforts. The situation underscores the complexity and urgency of the diplomatic initiatives underway to secure the release of the hostages and highlights the ongoing challenges faced by those caught in the crossfire of conflict in the region.


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