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    Polish Official Declares Ban on Ukrainian Food Imports and Transit

    Polish Development and Technology Minister Waldemar Buda has announced a ban on the import and transit of Ukrainian food products through Poland. Buda stated that the ban applies to both imports and transit to ensure that no Ukrainian products enter the Polish market.

    Polish farmers have been protesting against depressed food prices, with the government responding by authorising the agriculture and development ministers to implement a temporary ban on Ukrainian food. The ban is to last until June 30 and is meant to protect Polish farmers from the depressed prices and difficulty in selling their grain and other produce.

    “…the ban has a full nature; it also concerns transit through Poland. The issue of transit will be discussed with the Ukrainian side to build a sealed system and secure guarantees that banned products will only transit through Poland,”

    Minister Waldemar Buda wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

    Polish farmers have held protests across the country, drawing attention to the impact of Ukrainian grain imports on their livelihoods. Storage space in the country has already been taken up by cheaper Ukrainian grain, which was originally intended for export to the Middle East and Africa, leading to a drop in prices for Polish agricultural products such as grain, poultry and eggs. The farmers have called for government action to address the issue.


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