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    Polish Pilots Conduct Training Flights on Apache Helicopters at Fort Novosel

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    Polish pilots from the 1st Brigade of the Polish Army Aviation carried out their inaugural training flights on Apache helicopters at the American Fort Novosel. The announcement was made by the Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, on the X portal. Poland aims to acquire 96 Apache attack helicopters from the United States, which, according to Minister Błaszczak, are the most advanced machines of this type globally.

    Operational Support

    The U.S. Army has agreed to provide the Polish Armed Forces with eight Apache helicopters until the final deliveries are completed. Minister Błaszczak emphasized the recent signing of an offset agreement, outlining the establishment of a service base in Poland for key components of these helicopters.

    The General Command of the Armed Forces reported on the flights at Fort Novosel, highlighting the rigorous theoretical and simulator training preceding the practical tasks. Training covered pre-flight and post-flight checks, maneuvering, circular flights, take-offs with limited power, and airplane-style landings.

    The successful training flights mark a significant milestone in Poland’s effort to integrate the Apache helicopters into its military capabilities, enhancing both training and operational preparedness.

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