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    Polish PM Highlights Poland’s Role in Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees, Warns of German-Russian Relations

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized Poland’s significant role in providing shelter to millions of Ukrainian refugees and cautioned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the dynamics of German-Russian relations. Morawiecki’s remarks came during a speech in Katowice, where he also touched on various domestic and international issues.

    Poland’s Commitment to Energy Security and Fair Transition: Prime Minister’s Perspective

    The Prime Minister pointed out that Poland remains committed to ensuring energy security and promoting a fair transition. He contrasted this with the actions of former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who oversaw the layoff of over 800 employees at Bumar Łabędy. Morawiecki highlighted positive developments, mentioning additional orders for armoured Krab vehicles in Gliwice and Rosomak vehicles in Siemianowice. He emphasized that a prosperous Silesia contributes to a stronger Poland as a whole.

    Prime Minister’s Strong Commitment to Safeguarding Polish Interests in Agriculture and Trade

    Furthermore, Morawiecki affirmed the government’s dedication to safeguarding the interests of Polish miners, industrial workers, and farmers. He noted that when the European Commission failed to extend the embargo on Ukrainian grain, Poland took it upon itself to maintain the restriction. Morawiecki underlined the country’s self-reliance on such matters, asserting that the government acts solely in the best interests of Polish agriculture.

    The Prime Minister also pledged to protect Polish agriculture from the influence of Ukrainian agro-oligarchs. He drew attention to President Zelensky’s recent controversial remarks made at the United Nations.

    Morawiecki’s Diplomatic Warning: Zelensky’s Alliance Ambitions and Central European Interests

    Regarding international relations, Morawiecki expressed concern that President Zelensky might be overly optimistic about forging a close alliance with Germany. He cautioned that Germany tends to prioritize negotiations with Russia, often sidelining the interests of Central European nations. Morawiecki reminded Zelensky that Poland had provided refuge to millions of Ukrainians and played a pivotal role during a critical moment when Germany intended to send 5,000 helmets to the besieged city of Kyiv. The Prime Minister urged Zelensky to remember these historical actions and their significance.

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