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    Polish President Asserts Willingness to Use Veto in Defense of Constitutional Order

    Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland, made a resolute statement during his address to the inaugural session of the Sejm, the lower house, signalling his commitment to safeguarding the constitutional integrity of the country. He declared that if any proposed measure raises substantial legal concerns, he would not hesitate to exercise his presidential veto or refer the legislation to the Constitutional Tribunal.

    “Preserving the constitutional order is paramount,” President Duda asserted. “I will not tolerate any attempts to circumvent or bend the law. If a measure raises significant substantive or legal doubts, I will not shy away from utilizing the presidential veto or referring the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal.”

    Addressing all political factions, President Duda emphasized that any potential use of the presidential veto should not serve as an excuse for failing to fulfil the commitments and election promises made by the political formations.

    The newly convened Sejm, which met for the first time on Monday following October’s elections, is poised for significant legislative deliberations.


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