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    Polish President Criticizes Government’s Unlawful Actions

    President Andrzej Duda expressed concerns about the current Polish government’s actions, highlighting the unlawful appointment of the National Prosecutor. In an interview with RMF, Duda emphasized that many of the government’s recent actions, unlike previous administrations, lacked legal justification, citing the disregard of established laws and reliance on prime ministerial directives. He mentioned that the National Bar Council refused to participate in the National Prosecutor’s appointment process due to its lack of legal foundation.

    Questionable Legislative Changes

    Duda also addressed the proposed amendment to the National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) Act, highlighting significant constitutional concerns. He pointed out that the amendment’s provision to terminate the current KRS members’ terms upon the new council’s election raised serious constitutional doubts. Emphasizing his role as the guardian of the constitution, Duda stressed the importance of ensuring any legislative changes comply with constitutional requirements.

    The president referred to the recent closure of the Article 7 procedure by the European Commission, which stated that the rule of law had been restored in Poland. Duda expressed skepticism about the Commission’s sudden approval, noting that it coincided with a change in Poland’s government. He criticized the notion that merely changing the ruling party could automatically restore the rule of law, calling it a peculiar approach to democracy.

    Ambassador Szatkowski’s Controversy

    Duda also commented on the controversy surrounding Ambassador Tomasz Szatkowski, who is currently preparing for the upcoming NATO summit. Despite receiving classified documents about Szatkowski, Duda stated that they did not contain compromising information. He criticized attempts to remove Szatkowski from his position just before the crucial NATO summit, seeing no valid reason for his dismissal.

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