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    Polish Presidential Aide Discusses Ukraine’s NATO Accession and Regional Security in Washington

    During a press briefing in Washington, Marcin Przydacz, international policy advisor to the Polish president, shed light on the progress made towards Ukraine’s potential NATO membership. Przydacz, who visited the U.S. capital for discussions regarding the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius, held talks with White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan.

    According to Przydacz, important decisions have already been made regarding the conditions and timeline of Ukraine’s NATO accession. These decisions include the establishment of a special NATO-Ukraine council, outlining the conditions for Ukraine’s future NATO membership, and determining the appropriate timing for this significant step. He emphasized that the ongoing debate surrounding Ukraine’s NATO membership is much more advanced than it was in 2008, when the Bucharest NATO summit failed to adopt Membership Action Plans (MAPs) for prospective new members.

    Przydacz suggested that had the MAPs been adopted during the Bucharest summit, it could have potentially deterred Russia’s invasions of Georgia and Crimea. He stressed the need to avoid repeating past mistakes and underlined the ongoing efforts to ensure a comprehensive and thorough discussion on Ukraine’s NATO accession.

    The discussions between Przydacz and Sullivan also delved into the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the evolving situations in both Russia and Belarus. The Polish delegation’s visit to Washington aimed to strengthen regional security and address the complex challenges in the region.

    As preparations for the NATO summit in Vilnius continue, the international community closely follows the developments surrounding Ukraine’s potential NATO membership and its implications for regional stability.


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