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    Polish Prime Minister Assures Smooth Gov’t Transition Despite Budget Speculations

    Amid growing concerns over Poland’s state finances, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has reassured the public that the next government will inherit a budget in good shape, contrary to recent speculations about the country’s fiscal health.

    The reassurance comes in response to a report published by the Institute of Public Finance titled ‘The Real Budget,’ which suggests that Poland’s budget deficit might be significantly larger than the official government estimate. The report indicates a possible deficit of PLN 277 billion (EUR 62 billion), far surpassing the government’s assumed PLN 165 billion (EUR 36.9 billion).

    However, Prime Minister Morawiecki remains optimistic, stating, “The next government will be bequeathed a budget in good shape, better than anyone could have expected after a pandemic, an energy crisis, or Russia’s aggression against our neighbor.” He expressed his confidence despite the challenges faced by the nation.

    Morawiecki also accused the opposition of attempting to discredit the budget’s actual state to evade their election promises. In a Facebook post, he stated, “The opposition wants to justify the withdrawal of unfunded commitments made to the Polish people during the election campaign.” The prime minister’s comments reflect the intensifying political debate surrounding the country’s economic outlook.

    At present, negotiations are underway to form a new government following the general election held on October 15. The outcome of these discussions will play a crucial role in determining Poland’s economic direction and addressing the concerns raised by the recent fiscal report.


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