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    Polish Prime Minister Orders Border Controls to Curb Migrant Influx via Western Balkan Route

    In an effort to stem the flow of migrants using the Western Balkan route to reach Germany, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has instructed the interior minister to implement stringent vehicle checks at the Polish-Slovak border. The move aims to prevent illegal migration through Poland, given its position within the EU’s Schengen zone, which has led to concerns about border security.

    Addressing the issue during a visit to Krasnik, eastern Poland, Morawiecki emphasized the need to control the movement of mini-vans, vans, passenger vehicles, and coaches that may be suspected of transporting illegal migrants. He highlighted that migrants have been entering Poland via the Balkan route, passing through Hungary and Slovakia, exploiting the lack of border controls between Poland and Slovakia.

    “We do not control this border, but I have ordered the interior minister to introduce checks at this frontier to ensure that no one could accuse us of having a porous border,” stated Morawiecki.

    The Western Balkan route remains a prominent migratory path into Europe, prompting Poland’s response to safeguard its borders. Morawiecki also mentioned the success of Poland’s efforts to defend its border with Belarus against illegal migration.

    Last October, Poland completed a 186-kilometer barrier, featuring a five-meter steel fence topped with razor wire, along its Belarusian border. This step came as Poland faced increased migratory pressure from Belarus, with thousands of migrants attempting to enter Polish territory. In June of the current year, an electronic barrier, equipped with cameras, thermal-vision surveillance technology, and sensors, was added to reinforce the Polish-Belarusian border wall.

    Earlier in the day, government spokesman Piotr Mueller revealed that Poland was nearing a decision on enhancing controls at its border with Slovakia. This decision was prompted by reports of illegal migrants using the Western Balkans route to reach Poland from Slovakia. Mueller also mentioned ongoing analysis of a potential migrant route originating from the Italian island of Lampedusa, which he referred to as the Italian migration route.


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