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    Polish Prime Minister Vetoes EU Migration Statement at Granada Summit

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Friday that he had vetoed a joint European Council statement on migration during an informal meeting in Granada, Spain. The decision effectively excluded the contentious topic from the conclusions of the Granada summit.

    During the informal gathering of the European Council, which focused on proposed solutions regarding migration within the European Union, Morawiecki made a strong stand against the inclusion of migration-related clauses in the summit’s conclusions.

    “During the bilateral talks, I was met with understanding. I expressed our stance very decisively in the plenary hall and decided to veto the part that concerned migration,” Morawiecki stated during a press conference after the summit. He emphasized that there were no provisions regarding migration in the final conclusions.

    The Prime Minister took his opposition a step further by officially rejecting the entire paragraph related to migration in the summit’s conclusions. He emphasized his role as a responsible politician in making this decision.

    The decision made by Morawiecki was reportedly respected by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, who pledged to convey this information during his own press conference. The veto has sparked discussions and speculation regarding the implications of Poland’s position within the broader context of EU migration policies.


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