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    Polish Security Official Denies Allegations of Document Destruction Following Elections

    In response to claims made by opposition MP Marek Biernacki that Poland’s security agencies were destroying documents after the recent elections, senior Polish security official Stanisław Żaryn, Deputy of the Minister Coordinator of Special Services, has vehemently denied these accusations. Żaryn, writing on the X platform, stated that the security agencies were focused on safeguarding Poland and its citizens and categorically denied any document destruction.

    Addressing the allegations, Żaryn accused someone of spreading false information to manipulate public opinion and attack the credibility of the security services. The controversy stemmed from a conversation between Krzysztof Zasada, a reporter from the RMF FM private broadcaster, and Biernacki. In this conversation, Biernacki, a former security official, claimed that decisions were being made about the destruction of existing documents, specifically mentioning the military’s involvement.

    Biernacki cited unofficial information and urged the new parliamentary majority, which came into power after the Law and Justice (PiS) party lost its ruling majority in the general elections, to investigate the matter. RMF FM reported that Poland’s Ministry of Defence denied these allegations, emphasizing that neither the military nor civilian agencies had formed any commissions to review or destroy current documentation, as stated by Żaryn.

    During PiS’s tenure, the opposition frequently accused the government of employing security agencies against them. Additionally, they alleged that the government had used advanced surveillance software, Pegasus, produced by the Israeli firm NSO, to spy on government opponents. These accusations were based on reports from Citizen Lab, a specialized unit at the University of Toronto, as well as Apple and Amnesty International.


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