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    Polish Speedway Riders Shine at the U-16 World Championship

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    Polish speedway prodigy Maksymilian Pawełczak showcased his talent by clinching the silver medal at the U-16 World Championship held in Malilla, Sweden. Competing in the 250cc category under the auspices of the SGP3 series, Pawełczak initially faced a slow start, finishing third in the first race and second in the second. With just three points from two out of five starts, his chances seemed uncertain. However, a stroke of luck came in the third race when a fellow Polish rider, Damian Miller, crashed, allowing Pawełczak to secure victory in the rerun.

    Pawełczak’s determination grew stronger as the tournament progressed. He triumphed in both the fourth and fifth series, accumulating a total of 12 points and securing the well-deserved silver medal. Rasmus Karlsson from Sweden claimed the top spot with 13 points, becoming the new U-16 World Champion.

    Kacper Mania’s Near Miss

    Fellow Polish rider Kacper Mania displayed great promise throughout the championship and found himself leading the standings with 11 points before the final series. However, in a twist of fate, he failed to score any points in the last race, ultimately missing out on a podium finish. Danish rider Mikkael Andersen, also with 11 points, won the run-off and claimed the bronze medal.

    In addition to Pawełczak and Mania, Damian Miller, who unfortunately could not continue after his crash, finished in 15th place. Filip Bęczkowski, another Polish contender, secured a respectable 8th place. Pawełczak’s silver medal marks the fifth podium finish for Polish riders in the history of the U-16 World Championships.

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