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    Polish State Forests and Power Grid Operator Collaborate for Sustainable Power Line Development

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    Polish State Forests (PSE) and the State Forests National Enterprise have signed a letter of intent and a cooperation agreement to jointly construct power transmission lines within forested areas. The collaboration underscores their commitment to safeguarding Poland’s forests while advancing the nation’s energy security.

    In a significant step towards sustainable infrastructure development, Polish State Forests and the State Forests National Enterprise have formalized their partnership with the signing of a cooperation agreement. The agreement, inked on Friday, August 18th, involves Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE), the national power grid operator. It delineates the principles guiding their collaboration in the construction of power transmission infrastructure on properties managed by the State Forests.

    The accord reflects the culmination of successful past cooperation and established legal frameworks. It outlines overarching principles to ensure that strategic investments in power grids have minimal impact on forested areas, facilitating the country’s energy security. The document also specifies the mode of collaboration across various stages of the projects, from design and construction to line operation.

    Preceding the agreement was the signing of a letter of intent, which underscored the shared commitment to develop strategic high-voltage transmission network projects while preserving and respecting forest resources. Signatories to the letter included Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure; Edward Siarka, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment; Tomasz Sikorski, President of PSE; and Józef Kubica, General Director of the State Forests National Enterprise.

    Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska emphasized that PSE is embarking on an extensive investment program in history, involving over 5,200 km of 400 kV power lines and nearly 800 km of direct current lines by 2036. This scale necessitates collaborative standards with other entities to streamline power grid development. The agreement with State Forests directly addresses this challenge.

    Edward Siarka highlighted that both the energy and heating sectors face substantial challenges and the agreement sets a precedent for responsible development. Tomasz Sikorski stressed PSE’s commitment to environmental preservation during infrastructure projects, and Józef Kubica expressed enthusiasm for cooperation that aligns with forest protection, emphasizing the utilization of forest-friendly technology for power line siting.

    The agreement promotes synergy between institutions with aligned goals, safeguarding Poland’s natural assets while advancing vital endeavors. Its significance lies in its potential to harmonize sustainable energy and forestry management, enabling the nation to prosper on multiple fronts.

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