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    Polish SUVs and Imported Cars in the Crosshairs: Major Tax Changes to Line EU’s Pockets

    The Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment is setting its sights on owners of larger vehicles and the importation of cars from abroad, signaling significant automotive tax reforms in the coming months. Deputy Minister Krzysztof Bolesta outlined the ambitious plans in an extensive interview, highlighting the imminent changes as part of the milestones in the National Recovery Plan.

    The government is considering registration fees and a vehicle ownership tax for combustion engine cars, adhering to the “polluter pays” principle. Although details are still under wraps, Bolesta assures that the proposals aim to be “financially neutral for citizens.”

    Starting in the first quarter of 2025, a registration fee will be introduced, followed by an ownership tax in 2026. The basis for these charges may include Euro norms or CO2 emissions, with vehicle weight also being considered. Bolesta expressed his concern over the growing trend of SUV ownership, suggesting that owners might soon face financial penalties for their larger vehicles’ environmental and spatial impact.

    Drawing inspiration from Paris, where hefty parking fees for large SUVs were introduced, Bolesta believes that similar measures could be implemented in Poland.

    The deputy minister also voiced frustrations with the practice of importing used cars, a trend complicated by EU market regulations. While admitting there’s no immediate solution, Bolesta hinted that upcoming tax reforms might offer a way to address the issue, potentially curtailing the influx of foreign cars into Poland.

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