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    Polish Triathlete Robert Karaś Faces Disqualification and Record Loss over Doping Scandal

    Robert Karaś, a prominent Polish athlete, finds himself at the centre of controversy as the International Ultra Triathlon Association (IUTA) imposes a harsh penalty for doping violations. Karaś’s once-celebrated record in the 10xIronman distance has been tarnished, marking a significant setback in his career.

    IUTA’s Two-Year Disqualification of Karaś: Unveiling the Doping Scandal

    The IUTA’s decision to disqualify Karaś for a period of two years stems from a doping scandal that erupted following an anti-doping test conducted last year. The test revealed the presence of a banned substance in Karaś’s system, casting doubt on his remarkable achievement of breaking the world record in the 10xIronman distance.

    During an interview on the program “Hejt Park” on the Sports Channel, Karaś openly admitted to knowingly taking the banned substance. Despite this acknowledgement, he claimed ignorance regarding its specifics, asserting, “I knew I was taking it, but I didn’t delve into what it was. I asked if it was legal. He told me, ’72 hours and you won’t have it in your system,’ so I knew it was something illegal.”

    Robert Karaś Faces Record Nullification

    As a consequence of his doping violation, Karaś faces a two-year disqualification from competition, with the penalty applied retroactively from the date of the banned substance’s detection. This verdict renders Karaś ineligible to participate in any events until May 29, 2025.

    Furthermore, the IUTA has nullified Karaś’s record-setting performance in the 10-time Ironman distance, erasing his remarkable achievement from the annals of ultra triathlon history. The association’s decision reflects a firm stance against doping practices, emphasizing the importance of integrity and fairness in competitive sports.

    Robert Karaś Shatters Records in Ultra Triathlon 10x Ironman

    Robert Karaś made history by completing the Ultra Triathlon 10x Ironman, setting a new world record with a remarkable time of 164 hours, 14 minutes, and 2 seconds. Throughout this gruelling endurance challenge, Karaś exhibited an awe-inspiring demonstration of athleticism. He swam an impressive 38 kilometres, conquered an astonishing 1800 kilometres on his bicycle, and powered through a daunting 422 kilometres on foot.

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