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    Polish Triathletes Dominate Brasil Ultra Tri: Rafał Godzwoń teamed up with Karaś and Czabański to conquer the 10xIronman challenge

    The Poles reigned supreme at the Brasil Ultra Tri event. Robert Karas led the pack, crossing the finish line of the 10x Ironman race and shattering the world record in the process. Jurand Czabański and Rafał Godzwon followed closely, completing the gruelling distance. Remarkably, the entire podium was occupied by Polish athletes.

    It was a remarkable achievement for the Polish triathletes, as they dominated the Brasil Ultra Tri 2023 competition, securing all three top positions. Robert Karaś was the first to reach the finish line, closely followed by Jurand Czabański and Rafał Godzwon, who successfully covered the entire distance.

    The race demanded each participant to swim a distance of 38 km, cycle 1800 km, and run 422 km. Karas completed the course with a remarkable time of 164 hours, 14 minutes, and 2 seconds, surpassing the previous world record for the 10-time Ironman by nearly 19 hours.

    Czabański finished the race after 206 hours, while Godzwon, the last of the Polish athletes, crossed the finish line after 225 hours. Thus, the trio of white and red athletes secured the first three places at the Brasil Ultra Tri 2023.

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