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    Political Pivot? Donald Tusk’s Sudden Shift on Polish Border Defense

    In a recent visit to Podlasie, Prime Minister Donald Tusk has vehemently emphasized the need for strengthening the Polish-Belarusian border, signaling a sharp turn from his previous stances. Addressing soldiers and border guards, Tusk assured ongoing support for the military and border personnel, amidst increasing geopolitical tensions driven by Belarusian regime pressures and the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    This apparent pivot has sparked sharp criticism from Jacek Sasin, a member of the Law and Justice Party (PiS), who accused Tusk of a dramatic transformation in his approach to national security. “Tusk now styles himself as a great defender of the Polish border. Not so long ago, he claimed we were murdering innocent people in need of help,” Sasin remarked on social media platform X.

    Sasin’s critique extends beyond Tusk to his supporters, questioning the silence of notable figures such as Agnieszka Holland and politicians associated with Tusk’s previous policies. He labeled them as hypocrites for their changed stance towards border security, contrasting it with their earlier advocacy for the admission of migrants at the peak of the crisis.

    The narrative of a political leader’s sudden change of heart is not new, but in the context of Poland’s current security dilemmas, it raises questions about the consistency and sincerity of political rhetoric versus practical governance.

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