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    Post-Holiday Price Surge: Łukasiewicz Accuses Tusk of Prioritizing VAT Mafia Over Ordinary Poles

    “The government of Donald Tusk never – in his first term or now – looked after ordinary Poles; instead, it focused on feeding the VAT mafia and supporting the biggest entrepreneurs so that they could have even more in their wallets,” stated Sebastian Łukasiewicz, a member of the Sovereign Poland party, on Telewizja Republika. The politician is convinced that the upcoming increase in VAT on food will heavily impact citizens’ wallets.

    Starting from April 1st, the zero VAT rate on food disappears. Immediately after Easter, the VAT rate on basic products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy will be 5 percent.

    The “gift” from Donald Tusk for the Poles during the holiday season was commented on by Sebastian Łukasiewicz on Telewizja Republika. He pointed out that the whole issue also has a social aspect. “Unfortunately, today, cashiers and shop assistants who should be spending time with their families on Saturday are at home sticking prices because tomorrow is a public holiday. They have to be ready by April 1st. They are sticking prices on store shelves 5 percent higher according to the decision of the Donald Tusk government,” he said.

    “This government will not look after Poles, especially the poorer ones, those who cannot afford everything every month. It is estimated that the average increase in VAT on food will burden a household by – monthly – from several dozen to almost 200 złoty, so let no one deceive us that it will not affect the wealth of Poles because it will, of course,” he emphasized.

    Łukasiewicz assessed that Tusk had already shown during his previous terms in office that he paid more attention to “feeding the VAT mafia” than to ordinary Poles.

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