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    Preserving Cistercian Heritage: Wągrowiec/Łekno Landscape Awarded European Heritage Label

    The international project “Cisterscapes – connecting Cistercian landscapes across Europe” has been honored with the European Heritage Label. Among the 18 Cistercian sites involved, the Wągrowiec/Łekno monastery landscape stands out. By receiving this label, the Wągrowiec Municipality joins 66 European sites distinguished for their role in shaping the continent’s history and culture.

    Honoring Remarkable Contributions

    The European Heritage Label recognizes sites that have significantly contributed to Europe’s history, culture, and integration. Only six Polish sites have received this distinction to date, including the Union of Lublin, Gdańsk Shipyard, and the 3rd May Constitution.

    The “Cisterscapes” project involves 18 Cistercian centers from Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, and Slovenia. It aims to promote Cistercian cultural heritage, particularly the monasteries and their enduring influence on the European landscape.

    Cistercian Legacy in Wągrowiec

    The Cistercian heritage in Wągrowiec encompasses the preserved urban layout of the monastery town and its water system, along with the surrounding landscape of the oldest Polish Cistercian center in Łekno. The Regional Museum in Wągrowiec currently coordinates the project.

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