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    President: All Crimes Against Humanity Must Be Investigated and Punished

    In the solemn surroundings of Warsaw’s Citadel, President Andrzej Duda pays homage to the victims of the Katyn Massacre, a brutal chapter of Polish history during World War II. He emphasizes the targeted elimination of Polish intellectuals and officers by the Soviet regime, marking it as a genocidal act.

    Demand for Justice

    President Duda urges for a thorough investigation and accountability for the perpetrators of the Katyn Massacre, highlighting the ongoing need for justice. He condemns not only the historical atrocities but also contemporary offenses, stressing the importance of holding individuals and nations accountable for crimes against humanity.

    While acknowledging Russia’s acknowledgment of the massacre post-Soviet era, Duda warns against attempts to obscure history. He emphasizes the imperative of transparency and accountability to prevent future atrocities, citing recent events in Ukraine as a reminder of the consequences of impunity.

    A Global Call

    President Duda concludes by asserting that all crimes against humanity must be uncovered and punished, emphasizing the importance of remembrance and accountability in preventing future atrocities.


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