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    President Andrzej Duda joins #sadziMY campaign for the 5th time

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    In a powerful display of commitment to environmental conservation, President Andrzej Duda of Poland, along with his spouse, participated in the fifth edition of the nationwide #sadziMY campaign. The President highlighted the significance of forests as sanctuaries of peace and natural harmony during the campaign’s inauguration.

    This year, the Presidential couple joined the tree-planting initiative in the Kruk forestry area within the Suchedniów Forest District. They were accompanied by students, scouts, soldiers, volunteers, and forestry professionals, including Minister Piotr Ćwik and Advisor Paweł Sałek. During the campaign’s wrap-up, President Duda commended Polish foresters for planting 500 million trees annually across 430 forest districts.

    “Polish foresters plant half a billion trees annually. This is incredibly heartening – our forests are expanding. We are witnessing a spectacular increase in forested areas in the European and perhaps even global context. The forest is a place where you can come, find peace, and relax. The forest is a sanctuary, a refuge, and a place of solace. It is also a place where, through the life of trees, magnificent natural processes unfold, such as air purification, filtration, and the storage of CO2, thereby contributing to climate protection.”

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    Forests play a vital role in preserving our environment, serving as natural air purifiers and carbon dioxide reservoirs that contribute to climate protection. President Duda emphasized that expanding forested areas is one of the most effective strategies for climate conservation. He credited the continuous growth of forests to the dedicated efforts of foresters and their supporters.

    The Presidential couple expressed gratitude to the campaign’s organizers and participants for promoting tree planting. The #sadziMY initiative is spearheaded by the Presidential Office in collaboration with the State Forests National Forest Holding. This year, one million seedlings were prepared for distribution over two days, encouraging anyone interested to collect a sapling from their nearest forest district and plant it on their own property.

    President Andrzej Duda’s unwavering support for environmental preservation through initiatives like #sadziMY underscores Poland’s commitment to addressing climate change and safeguarding its natural heritage.

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