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    President Biden Declared Wednesday as General Pulaski Memorial Day

    On October 11, 2023, President Joe Biden issued an annual proclamation designating the day as General Pulaski Memorial Day, honoring the heroic legacy of Kazimierz Pulaski. The President reiterated the historical significance of Pulaski’s contributions to the fight for freedom, not only in America but also in his homeland, Poland.

    A Global Symbol of Freedom

    Biden underscored that Kazimierz Pulaski’s story is forever intertwined with the struggle for independence and remains a source of inspiration for freedom advocates worldwide. The tradition of commemorating General Pulaski dates back to 1929 when Congress established the holiday on the anniversary of his passing, October 11.

    A Hero’s Sacrifice

    The President reminded the nation that before joining the American War of Independence, Pulaski had fought against Russian dominance in Poland. In America, he made significant contributions to the war against the British, ultimately sacrificing his life during the Battle of Savannah in 1779. His dedication ensured the survival of the principles of freedom, equality, and democracy.

    Part of Poland’s Ongoing Legacy

    President Biden recognized Pulaski’s heroism as just one chapter in Poland’s extensive history of fighting for freedom. He highlighted Poland’s support for Ukraine during the Russian invasion, showcasing the country’s courage and commitment to humanitarian values.

    Poland’s Support for Ukraine

    The President commended Poland for supplying tanks, artillery, and aircraft to aid Ukraine’s self-defense efforts. He noted the nation’s role as a key center for support and refuge for Ukrainian refugees, providing them with safety, hope, and light during challenging times.

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