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    President Duda Calls on EU to Tackle Ukrainian Grain Surge, Backs Farmers’ Plight

    In a recent interview with Polsat News, President Andrzej Duda threw his weight behind farmers embroiled in protests across the European Union, shining a spotlight on the urgent issue of the influx of Ukrainian products flooding European markets. Duda stressed the gravity of the situation, urging the European Commission to take decisive action.

    Expressing solidarity with Polish farmers, Duda highlighted the dire threat posed to their livelihoods by the deluge of Ukrainian goods. He cautioned that this inundation could precipitate market collapse, affecting not only Polish agricultural workers but also their counterparts across Europe.

    “While we may be the first country impacted, the repercussions extend far beyond our borders to the broader European market,” Duda emphasized, shedding light on the far-reaching implications of the issue.

    Duda’s stance comes amid escalating farmer protests across the EU, denouncing the uncontrolled surge of Ukrainian grain into European markets and registering broader discontent with certain aspects of the EU’s Green Deal.

    Revealing discussions with Prime Minister Donald Tusk regarding engagements with Ukrainian authorities, Duda stressed the imperative of a unified European approach to address the crisis.

    “I firmly believe this is a European challenge that necessitates a coordinated response from the European Commission,” affirmed Duda, advocating for collective EU action.

    Furthermore, Duda traced the crux of the issue back to Russian aggression against Ukraine, placing the blame squarely on the Kremlin and condemning Russia’s actions for their destabilizing impact on the region.

    “The Kremlin bears responsibility. Without Russia’s aggressive incursions into Ukraine, we wouldn’t be facing the current predicament,” asserted Duda.

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