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    President Duda Criticizes Past NATO Decisions on Ukraine and Georgia

    President Andrzej Duda, attending the NATO summit in Washington, gave an interview to Telewizja Republika. He highlighted past attempts by Poland and the USA to admit Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, just before Russia’s aggression against Georgia.

    Missed Opportunity for NATO Expansion

    Duda emphasized the tragic consequences of the decision to block Ukraine and Georgia from NATO, a move opposed by Germany and France. He recalled President Lech Kaczyński’s strong advocacy for their inclusion, believing it would have prevented Russia’s subsequent invasion of Georgia.

    Current Geopolitical Challenges

    “Today’s situation is much more difficult,” Duda noted, referencing the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Georgia. He argued that NATO membership then could have deterred Russian aggression, as Russia would not have attacked NATO member states.

    Commitment to Peace

    Duda stressed that achieving peace should not come at the cost of rewarding Russian aggression. He firmly rejected the idea of conceding any Ukrainian territory to Russia, urging NATO allies to maintain a strong stance.

    Support for Ukraine

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced plans to provide substantial support to Ukraine, including coordinating aid efforts. Duda also called for increased defense spending and the expansion of NATO’s strategic infrastructure.

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