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    President Duda Presents Teacher Salary Bill on Wednesday, Excluding Funding for Public Television

    President Andrzej Duda of Poland is set to present a bill on Wednesday, focusing on salary increases for teachers while omitting the proposed PLN 3 billion (EUR 690 million) allocation for the takeover of what is termed as ‘illegally seized’ public television. Marcin Mastalerek, a presidential aide, revealed this information in an interview with private television Polsat News on Sunday.

    The bill, expected to address the government’s commitment to a 30-percent salary hike for teachers, has drawn attention for its exclusion of funds earmarked for the acquisition of public media. President Duda announced the veto of the budget-related bill for 2024 on Saturday, citing a “blatant violation of the Constitution and the principles of a democratic rule of law.” The violation referred to extensive management changes made by the government at state-owned media companies.

    Pledging to submit his own proposal to the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, after the holidays, Duda aims to address teacher salary increases and other outlined expenditures.

    Marcin Mastalerek, Duda’s chief aide, reassured the public that teachers would receive raises. He explained that the president’s proposal, to be presented on Wednesday morning, would encompass all planned salary increases, except for the PLN 3 billion designated for the “illegally taken over public media.”

    Mastalerek added that the Sejm would convene on December 27 or 28, followed by the Senate a day later.

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