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    President, PM deny speculations concerning missile attack on Poland in Przewodow

    The subsequent meeting of the National Security Council took place today. After it, both President and Prime Minister held a press conference during which both stressed that it had not been an attack on Poland. 

    “The blame for the entire clash yesterday lies with the Russian side. There is no indication that it was an intentional attack on Poland. It was not a missile that was aimed at Poland. It was not an attack on Poland,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said at a press conference after the meeting of the National Security Council. 

    Prime Minister Morawiecki regarding the explosion in eastern Poland: There is no indication that yesterday’s event was an attack on Polish territory. We were dealing most probably with an unfortunate event, as a result of which Polish citizens died.

    “We are in constant contact with all allied services. They also confirm the evidence collected by our services, which we will soon use to draw conclusions (…) Ukrainian forces, countering a massive Russian attack, launched their missiles yesterday to shoot down Russian missiles. There are many indications that one of these missiles fell on Polish territory without any intention on either side,” Morawiecki said. 

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