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    Prime Minister Morawiecki Participates in Informal EU Leaders Meeting

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    In Zagreb, an informal gathering of European Union leaders, including Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, took place as part of the preparations for the EU Strategic Agenda. Poland emphasizes that European integration should respect national sovereignty and be based on principles derived from negotiated compromises. Prime Minister Morawiecki underscored the significance of national institutions in determining priorities, especially when member states’ interests are at stake.

    EU Strategic Agenda 2024

    The EU’s 2024–2029 Strategic Program is currently under development, with leaders discussing and aligning political directions and objectives for the coming years. Amidst economic and geopolitical challenges, the EU faces dilemmas regarding increased regulatory centralization versus focused collaboration on key priorities.

    Poland’s Position on EU Treaty Reform

    Proposed changes in the EU treaty reform involve eliminating the unanimity principle and transferring competencies from member states to the EU. Poland advocates for subsidiarity, where decisions impacting member states’ interests should be primarily made by national institutions. Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasizes the fundamental role of national governments and legislatures in setting priorities.

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