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    Probe Underway: Military Police Investigate Migrant Shooting at Polish-Belarusian Border

    Poland’s Military Police are conducting an inquiry into an incident involving an illegal migrant who was shot by a Polish soldier near the border with Belarus in the north-eastern Podlaskie province. The information, initially reported by humanitarian aid activists operating at the Polish-Belarus border, was later confirmed by the local prosecutor’s office.

    Radoslaw Wiszenko, the Bialystok Prosecutor’s deputy for military affairs, stated that the preliminary investigation suggests the incident was an unfortunate accident. According to Wiszenko, the shot was fired when the soldier tripped, leading to the injury of the migrant. The injured individual was promptly transported to a nearby hospital in Hajnowka for medical treatment.

    Military Police have gathered documents and evidence related to the incident, which will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office on Monday. The case falls under the military chapter of the Penal Code, concerning careless handling of weapons and unintentionally causing injury to another person.

    The consequences of the gunshot will determine the legal repercussions for the soldier involved. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the soldier could face a prison sentence of up to three years. In cases of severe injuries or the unfortunate demise of the injured person, the potential prison term may extend to up to eight years.


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