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    Professor Ryszard Legutko Honored as “Man of the Year” by “Gazeta Polska”

    Professor Ryszard Legutko has been named the “Man of the Year” by “Gazeta Polska,” recognizing his significant contributions and leadership in a tumultuous year for Poland. The renowned professor’s thoughts and insights have been pivotal in addressing the challenges faced by the nation.

    Professor Legutko’s Impactful Advocacy Against EU Ailments

    During the gala event, Tomasz Sakiewicz, delivering the laudation, characterized Professor Legutko as a discerning individual who delves into the depths of the Polish soul. Despite his academic prominence in Plato studies, Professor Legutko’s focus on the Polish soul resonates as a contemporary and urgent matter, intertwining with the current challenges faced by Europe.

    Sakiewicz compared Professor Legutko to a soldier on the front lines, facing a formidable opponent. Despite having less than 10% representation in the European Parliament, Professor Legutko’s group is recognized as a crucial force actively diagnosing and combatting the issues that threaten Europe’s roots and security.

    The professor’s dedication to unmasking the ailments of the European Union, describing it as a system built on lies, monopolies, and ideological madness, has not gone unnoticed. Sakiewicz emphasized that Professor Legutko’s observations are visible to the naked eye, questioning the lack of a mass protest against these issues, both in Poland and beyond.

    Professor Legutko Reflects on Poland’s Challenges and Calls for Collective Preservation

    In his response, Professor Legutko expressed his pride in the recognition, reflecting on the dramatic changes that Poland has undergone since December 13. He referred to the current state as a “banana republic” politically sponsored by various entities, including the EU. The professor acknowledged the ongoing challenge of combatting the forces that seek to undermine the Polish state, expressing hope that his efforts would contribute to positive changes in the future.

    Drawing attention to the symbolic “Golden Horn,” Professor Legutko emphasized its presence in the hands of the Polish people. He called for a louder, more straightforward, and resonant sounding of this horn to awaken those who are asleep, lost, deceived, or lack spirit. In the face of significant stakes, Professor Legutko urged a collective effort to preserve Poland’s identity and values.

    As the ceremony concluded, Professor Legutko’s words echoed a powerful message of resilience and hope, reminding all that as long as they live, Poland has not yet perished. The recognition of Professor Ryszard Legutko as the “Man of the Year” stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to Poland’s future and the preservation of its cultural and historical identity.

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