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    Prolonged Standoff at Polish-Ukrainian Border Continues Amid Truckers’ Protest

    The deadlock at border crossings between southeastern Poland and Ukraine persists as Polish truckers maintain their protest, leading to extensive queues and delays for trucks attempting to enter Ukraine.

    The backlog stems from a blockade instigated by Polish lorry drivers at three key border crossings. They’re protesting what they perceive as unjust competition from Ukrainian road haulage firms.

    The extent of the gridlock is staggering. The line of trucks at the Dorohusk border crossing extends approximately 16 kilometers, reaching the vicinity of Srebrzyszcze.

    The protest, initiated by Polish truckers since November 6, revolves around specific demands. They are adamant about the implementation of commercial permits for Ukrainian companies engaged in transporting goods, excluding those involved in humanitarian aid and military logistics.

    Furthermore, the truckers are advocating for the suspension of operating permits for companies established post the commencement of the conflict in Ukraine.

    The impasse at these border crossings not only signifies the truckers’ grievances but also highlights the broader economic and regulatory challenges faced between Poland and Ukraine. Efforts to resolve the standoff are ongoing, but with the entrenched positions of the protesters, a swift resolution seems elusive.

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