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    Promotions and Reforms on the Occasion of Armed Forces Day

    In connection with the celebrations of Polish Armed Forces Day, President of the Republic of Poland and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Andrzej Duda, conferred both general and admiral appointments, along with state honors.

    During the event, President Duda announced forthcoming legislative changes aimed at establishing a Joint Forces Command and reinstating the command structures for various branches of the Armed Forces. These proposed changes reflect the need for a unified command system, a conclusion drawn from recent months of observation of events in Ukraine and the nation’s own military operations.

    “I firmly believe that as a result of the imminent legislative changes, a Joint Forces Command will be established, overseen by the Chief of the General Staff,” emphasized President Duda. He further revealed plans to reconstruct the command structures for different branches of the Armed Forces, responsible for soldier training and day-to-day operational functioning in both peacetime and wartime. These changes aim to enhance efficiency and preparedness.

    Upon the recommendation of the Minister of National Defense, several individuals were promoted to the rank of general:

    Promoted to the rank of General of the Army:

    • Lieutenant General Dariusz ŁUKOWSKI
    • Lieutenant General Marek SOKOŁOWSKI

    Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General:

    • Major General Norbert IWANOWSKI
    • Major General Artur KĘPCZYŃSKI
    • Major General Maciej KLISZ
    • Major General Szymon KOZIATEK
    • Major General Karol MOLENDA
    • Major General Ireneusz NOWAK

    Promoted to the rank of Major General:

    • Colonel Mariusz CHMIELEWSKI
    • Colonel Krzysztof KNUT
    • Colonel Sławomir KOCANOWSKI
    • Colonel Artur KOZŁOWSKI
    • Colonel Sławomir LIDWA
    • Colonel Michał MARCINIAK
    • Colonel Arkadiusz MIKOŁAJCZYK
    • Colonel Tadeusz NASTAROWICZ
    • Colonel Grzegorz POTRZUSKI
    • Colonel Michał STRZELECKI
    • Colonel Marcin ŻAL

    Additionally, Minister of National Defense awarded the newly appointed generals with Honor Swords and General’s Rings.

    The event, marking Polish Armed Forces Day, symbolizes a commitment to enhancing the nation’s defense capabilities through both personnel promotions and institutional reforms. The establishment of a Joint Forces Command and the restructuring of command entities for various military branches underscores Poland’s dedication to ensuring a more efficient and unified defense system.

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