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    Proposed Windmill Legislation Sparks Controversy and Concerns in Poland

    Poland’s Defence Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, has raised alarms over the potential threats posed by the proposed legislation on wind turbines, commonly referred to as the “windmill law,” to the Polish countryside.

    Opposition MPs from Poland 2050 and Civic Coalition (KO) recently submitted a draft amendment to the Sejm, the lower house of parliament. This amendment aims to modify the existing act on support for energy consumers, introducing measures such as freezing energy prices and more lenient rules on the construction of wind farms.

    Criticism has emerged from the outgoing ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS), labeling the proposed regulations as “disastrous” and claiming they could be detrimental to the Polish population. PiS politicians have also suggested that the legislation may favor large energy corporations and be influenced by lobbyists. Moreover, concerns have been raised that the new laws could lead to the displacement of residents to make way for wind farms.

    Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak expressed his apprehensions on the X portal, stating, “The windmill scandal is a real threat to the residents of small towns and countryside.” He pledged to oppose any attempts at forced property expropriation and the construction of windmills near homes, collaborating with local government officials in this endeavor.

    One significant change proposed by the amendment is the reduction of the minimum distance between wind turbines and residential buildings from 700 to 300 meters. Additionally, the new regulations would no longer tie the localization of wind farms to the local zoning plan.

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