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    Prospects for cooperation between Poland and Iraq in the field of agriculture

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    Today, Secretary of State Ryszard Bartosik held a conversation with the chargé d’affaires a.i. of Iraq in Poland, Dr Muqdad Algaldos, on the prospects for cooperation between the two countries in the field of agriculture. An important topic discussed during the meeting was the memorandum under negotiation, which aims to develop Polish-Iraqi cooperation in the field of agriculture. Both sides expressed the hope of boosting relations and exploiting the potential of economic cooperation between the countries.

    Deputy Minister Ryszard Bartosik noted that Iraq is one of the most important recipients of agri-food goods from Poland in the Middle East, after Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Polish companies in the agricultural sector are interested in strengthening their position in the Iraqi market, so valuable information on Iraq’s demand for agri-food products would be of great help to them. The Deputy Minister pointed to the National Agricultural Support Centre as a government institution that offers effective support for the development of business cooperation with foreign partners.

    The Secretary of State also stressed that the Polish side hopes to quickly finalise the procedure for agreeing veterinary certificates for export to Iraq for further products of animal origin from Poland, such as poultry meat and frozen beef.

    The Chargé d’affaires a.i. of Iraq expressed his appreciation for the achievements of the Polish agri-food sector. He expressed his hope for the possibility of exchanging knowledge and experience with Polish experts, as well as cooperation in scientific research, soil analysis, agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural technology.

    Dr Muqdad Algaldos encouraged Polish companies to invest in Iraq’s agricultural sector. He expressed interest in importing agricultural equipment, irrigation systems, and veterinary medicines from Poland. Iraq is also counting on greater interest from Polish entrepreneurs to participate in trade fairs organised in the country.

    The negotiated memorandum in the field of agriculture was an important topic discussed during the meeting. Both sides expressed hope that the text would be quickly agreed and the document signed. The memorandum could give impetus to joint activities in a number of areas, such as plant and animal breeding or scientific cooperation.

    The export of agri-food goods to Iraq is also of great importance for the Polish economy. In 2022, the value of exports of these products to Iraq amounted to €57 million, an increase of 38% compared to 2021. The most important commodities exported to Iraq in 2022 were food preparations, cheese and cottage cheese, bread, pastry, cakes, and pastries, malt extract, food preparations made of flour, chocolate and food preparations containing cocoa. Between January and April 2023, Poland exported over €21 million worth of goods to Iraq.

    The increase in exports of these products demonstrates the growing interest of Polish agricultural companies in the Iraqi market and the developing prospects for agricultural cooperation between Poland and Iraq. The finalisation of the memorandum under negotiation and the streamlining of veterinary procedures may further increase cooperation and trade between the two countries. Cooperation in the field of agriculture is expected to benefit both Polish producers, who will be able to strengthen their presence on the Iraqi market, and Iraq, which will have access to high-quality Polish agri-food products and new technologies and know-how in the field of agriculture.

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