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    Puma in Binczarów

    A resident of Binczarów in the Grybów commune spotted an animal similar to a puma in a Polish forest. VFD Florynka firefighters urge residents to be cautious.

    “In fact, none of us know if it’s a puma, a lynx, or maybe another animal. Our task is to warn against various dangers.”,

    VFD Florynka firefighters wrote on Facebook.

    According to, a similar event took place less than half a year ago in Slovakia. However, in that case, there was an attempt to capture a tiger that had escaped from a zoo in Ukraine. Also, some time ago, there was a lot of talk about a man who kept a puma against the law in Poland.

    RMF24: “Foresters also went to the place where the puma was seen to look for signs of its presence. Unfortunately, positive temperatures meant that after a few days the tracks were already melted and it was impossible to identify them.

    However, the foresters are sure that it was not a lynx.

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