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    Reality vs. Opposition Experts: 1-0, Says Polish Prime Minister

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    In a recent development, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took to social media to highlight a significant discrepancy between expert predictions and the actual economic situation. Referring to comments made by experts, journalists, and pundits over six months ago regarding inflation forecasts before the elections, the Prime Minister asserted that “Reality vs. Opposition Experts: 1-0. As always.

    Morawiecki shared a clip from a March episode of “Drugie śniadanie Mellera,” where experts and media figures had been discussing the inevitability of an economic crisis, labeling the government’s claims of inflation peaking at 10% in August as “pure propaganda lies.”

    The recent data from the Central Statistical Office revealed that September’s inflation estimate stood at 8.2% YoY, a decrease from August’s 10.1%. In MoM terms, inflation saw a decline of -0.4%. Prime Minister Morawiecki, commenting on the figures, expressed satisfaction and emphasized the government’s commitment to balancing inflation control with maintaining job opportunities.

    Morawiecki also contrasted his government’s approach with that of the opposition, highlighting Poland’s historically low unemployment rates and the ongoing decrease in inflation. He predicted that inflation could fall below 6% by year-end, possibly reaching around 5% in a few months, signaling a swift return to normalcy.

    This turn of events underscores the importance of prudent economic governance during challenging times, challenging the previous narratives put forth by opposition experts.

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