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    Reclaiming Lost Art: Stories of Recovered Masterpieces

    Explore films by Agnieszka Trzos on recovered artworks, showcased at MKiDN in Warsaw. Witness history reclaim lost treasures.

    On July 6th, 2023, Warsaw’s MKiDN courtyard will host a special outdoor screening featuring four films by Agnieszka Trzos, as part of the exhibition “Lost/Recovered” at Kordegarda. These documentaries chronicle the extraordinary journeys of artworks restored to Poland through restitution efforts.

    Rediscovered Masterpieces on Screen

    The films include “Guitar,” depicting the lost Picasso collage retrieved thanks to Witkiewicz and Strzemiński, and the subsequent wartime devastation. “Portrait of a Man” portrays the recovery of Lubieniecki’s stolen painting by the National Museum in Warsaw with FBI assistance.

    Personal Insights and Cultural Loss

    “Self-Portrait” explores Malczewski’s tumultuous life amidst World War II art looting, highlighting his vanished masterpiece from the Silesian Museum. Lastly, “Diana” recounts the return of Houdon’s marble bust, once part of King Stanisław August Poniatowski’s collection.

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