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    Rediscovered Treasures: 8th “Lost/Recovered” Exhibition

    The 8th exhibition in the “Lost/Recovered” series is now open, featuring significant pieces such as Jacek Malczewski’s painting “At the Piano” and the recently recovered “Ancient Goddess” sculpture from the Brühl Palace facade.

    Exhibition Highlights

    The exhibition showcases fifteen notable works lost during World War II and recently recovered, including natural specimens from the pre-war State Zoological Museum. These pieces, part of Warsaw’s public and private collections, are displayed at Kordegarda, the gallery of the National Center for Culture, until July 28th.

    Minister of Culture Hanna Wróblewska emphasizes the exhibition’s role in commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Highlighted are efforts by the Ministry, which have successfully recovered over 750 individual objects in recent years. Featured items include works by Jan Matejko and Józef Brandt, as well as significant zoological specimens and artifacts from the Krasiński and Kronenberg collections.

    During WWII, numerous Warsaw collections were looted and taken to various locations across Europe. Post-war, many artifacts were further dispersed by Allied troops, locals, and the Soviet “trophy brigades.” The exhibition reflects ongoing efforts to recover and restore these cultural treasures to their rightful places.

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