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    Remembering the 340th Anniversary of the Battle of Vienna

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    On September 12, 2023, we commemorate the 340th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, a pivotal moment when the combined forces of the Holy Roman Empire, Poland, and Germany, led by King Jan III Sobieski, defeated the Ottoman Empire. King Sobieski declared, “God Almighty has blessed our nation with victory and glory like no other in history.”

    The journey to Vienna began in April 1683 with a defensive pact between Poland and Austria. By mid-July, the Ottoman army besieged Vienna, prompting Polish troops to march to its aid. Their route took them through Silesia.

    The Silesian Journey

    Hetman Mikołaj Sieniawski led a cavalry corps from Krakow in August, while the main Polish army, under Hetman Stanisław Jabłonowski, set out on August 14 from Krakow, heading towards Tarnowskie Góry. King Sobieski and his court followed suit on August 15. They reached Gliwice on August 22, where the king sent a plea to Pope Innocent XI for support.

    The diverse Polish army converged along the Danube in early September, leading to their triumphant victory over the Turkish forces on September 12, 1683, under the command of Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa

    While the Polish army’s stay in Silesia was brief, it left a lasting impact on the region. Despite concerns over provisions and potential disruptions, the Silesian populace warmly welcomed the disciplined Polish troops, recognizing the grave danger they shielded them from.

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