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    Remembrance Museum in Poland’s “Palace” Gears Up for Opening

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    The Palace Museum in Zakopane, Poland, is nearing completion, with renovations set to commence in November. The historic building, which once served as a Gestapo headquarters during World War II, will soon house a museum dedicated to the memory of those who endured the occupation.

    The Palace, known as Katownia Podhala, will showcase the harrowing conditions endured by prisoners during the war. Original prison cells, complete with disturbing graffiti from the incarcerated, will be on display. The museum will also feature artifacts from the period, shedding light on the lives of those who sought refuge and resisted the German occupiers.

    Collective Memory: Zakopane’s Resistance Movement

    The museum will highlight the region’s resistance movement, including the brave actions of the Tatra Couriers and other forms of opposition against the Nazi regime. It aims to emphasize the importance of shared remembrance and the continued relevance of the message “Never again war.”

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