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    Renowned Architect and Scholar, Prof. Wojciech Bonenberg, Awarded Honorary Doctorate by Krakow University of Technology

    In a prestigious ceremony held at the Collegium Maius of Jagiellonian University, Prof. Wojciech Bonenberg, an eminent architect and esteemed scholar from Poznań University of Technology, was awarded an honorary doctorate by Krakow University of Technology.

    During the event, Prof. Andrzej Szarata, the Rector of Krakow University of Technology, emphasized that this honor was bestowed upon “one of the most outstanding architects, researchers, and organizers of academic life, with recognized design and implementation achievements in Poland and abroad.”

    Prof. Bonenberg, who has been collaborating with Krakow University of Technology for several decades, has shared his scientific knowledge and expertise, actively supporting the development of academic staff, especially in the field of architecture and urban planning. His contributions were recognized as a significant privilege by the university.

    Former Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Krakow University of Technology, Prof. Jacek Gyurkovich, described Prof. Bonenberg as a prominent figure, a researcher of great stature, and a respected architect who has left an indelible mark on the academic and professional world, both in Poland and internationally.

    Prof. Bonenberg is not only an accomplished architect but also a dedicated educator who imparts his knowledge and professional experience to students in numerous academic institutions. His rigorous and fair assessment of academic and creative works, coupled with a humanistic and supportive approach, has earned him the respect and admiration of many.

    In his lecture, “Architecture as a Place Brand,” the new honorary doctor discussed his original analysis and studies on the significance of branding in architecture and urban planning, exploring the concept of architectural branding as a symbol that promotes a place.

    Prof. Wojciech Bonenberg, born in 1950, completed his architectural studies at Silesian University of Technology in 1973. He worked as a lecturer and researcher there until 1990 and then joined Poznań University of Technology’s Institute of Architecture and Spatial Planning, where he continues to work. He obtained his doctoral degree in technical sciences in 1978 and his habilitation degree in 1988. In 2003, he was awarded the title of professor in technical sciences by the President of Poland.

    Throughout his career at Poznań University of Technology, he held several important positions, including Director of the Institute of Architecture and Spatial Planning from 2000 and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture for two consecutive terms starting in 2002. Currently, he leads the Department of Workplace and Recreation Architecture. In 2003, he also began working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, now known as the University of Arts in Poznań, where he was instrumental in establishing the architecture and urban planning program.

    Prof. Bonenberg has authored over 120 scientific publications and 8 scientific monographs, serving as the mentor for 20 doctoral theses. He has supervised numerous master’s theses and provided 60 doctoral thesis reviews, 52 habilitation thesis reviews, and evaluated 51 professorial promotions.

    In 1990, Prof. Bonenberg founded his own design studio and completed over 100 projects for service, commercial, industrial, administrative, and educational facilities, both in Poland and abroad, earning numerous awards and recognitions.

    Prof. Wojciech Bonenberg’s contributions to architecture and academia make him a truly deserving recipient of the honorary doctorate from Krakow University of Technology.

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