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    Reproduction of 18th-Century Trumpet Unveiled

    Gdansk Museum unveils a replica of Johann Stritzke’s 18th-century trumpet, reviving the city’s musical legacy.

    In a remarkable endeavor to resurrect the musical heritage of Gdansk, the Museum of Gdansk unveiled a replica of Johann Stritzke’s 18th-century trumpet on Tuesday. Crafted by Graham Nicholson from the UK, the trumpet, adorned with silver elements, is accompanied by a flag embroidered with the Gdansk coat of arms, held by two lions.

    Historical Reproduction: The Trumpet of Johann Stritzke

    The initiative, led by musicologist Pawel Hulisz of Tubicinatores Gedanenses, aims not only to recreate the instrument but also to reintroduce Gdansk’s historical soundscape. Collaborating with the museum, recordings of historical signals and compositions by Gdansk’s composers are planned for an upcoming album.

    Preservation Efforts and Collaboration

    The replication became possible through cooperation with two museums housing original musical instruments: the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in Szydlowiec and the Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznan. The original trumpet by Johann Wilhelm Stritzke and Johann Christoph’s instrument, father of Gdansk’s trumpeter, served as references.

    Showcasing Heritage

    Director Waldemar Ossowski highlighted the significance of this initiative, noting it as possibly the first of its kind in Poland. The original trumpet, crafted in Wroclaw in 1749, will be on display until April 29 at the Main Town Hall, with the next presentation scheduled for April 26, 2024, at the opening of the Napoleonic Barracks near Wisloujscie Fortress.

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